How to be more creative

Let your inner kid out


(noun) the state of being creative

How to be more creative

Whether you are a designer or a banker, we can all stand to live a more creative life. Here are 4 tips on helping you unleash your creativity.


Many great ideas begin when we have fun. When our minds are at ease and free from pressure and expectations, when our minds wander in delight at the endless possibilities. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, put on your silly hat and just play, doodle or sing or dance, experiment! Letting your mind wander gives your subconscious time to work.


When an idea doesn't work don't despair, the most creative designers pivot. Some of the greatest designs in the world were results of designers pivoting or tweaking their original ideas. Creative designers are doers, they try on different ideas and experiment until eventually they get it right.

Take a break

Time off work is necessary for ideas to bloom, over stimulating your brain is both unhelpful to the process and your mental health. Give your mind some space to work on problems.

Sometimes even taking a break to do the most mundane things like running an errand or washing dishes can bring on the most creative solutions and ideas. 

Connect with Nature

Being in nature increases our creative thinking skills. One study in 2012 found that hikers performed as much as 50 percent better at creative problem-solving after spending four days out in the woods, disconnected from technology.

Our minds can relax when we are in nature and exposure to natural stimuli creates a "soft-fascination" effect where the mind can more easily access an introspective, thoughtful state which allows your imagination to wander and do it's magic. The parts of our brain that are active during this ‘restful introspection’ are those that are needed for efficient performance on tasks requiring insight, problem solving, and creative reasoning.

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"Let your inner kid out" illustration and tote bag by the Kreative Lab.