what is the kreative lab?

The Kreative lab is a Hong Kong based Design studio founded by Creative Designer Kacey, who has a background in both Communications and Design. Having lived in both Asia and Europe, she is able to draw from both the East and the West in terms of Concepts and Designs.

The Kreative lab is a full service Design studio that offers Graphic Design, Branding & Identity, Content Creation, Surface Design, Textiles Design, Illustrations and Creative Consulting. Get in touch with us to find out more.


the kreative lab story

A few years ago I had taken the leap from working at a stable but unsatisfying admin job to working in Design. I was wary of making this career change but little did I know this was the beginning of an exciting journey.

I worked for a few years as a Womenswear Designer and then accepted a job as a Surface and Textile Designer. I was exhilarated to be able to really draw again and have more creative freedom.

Clothing is challenging and exciting but in a lot of ways restricted. You have to think about wearability and practicality whereas with prints you are limited only to your imagination.

And I also love how even a simple doodle can bring a smile and brighten up someone’s day.

At first, I drew prints as gifts for my friends, funny little portraits with cheeky captions. They were well received and eventually that light bulb popped in my head and the Kreative Lab was born. 

As a designer, there’s nothing like seeing your creation out in the real world. 


vision and mission

The Kreative lab is a playground to experiment, its foundation:

simple, clean and thoughtful design, to engage and create a lasting impression.

The Kreative lab aims to create thoughtful products that inject colour, quirk and good design to everyday life.