Following the American Women's Association HK art on the line 2018 charity sale and the very positive feedback on the Hong Kong Labyrinth Art Print, the Kreative lab is happy to announce that we are now accepting pre-orders.

The Hong Kong Labyrinth is a graphical representation of the railways that connect the different areas of HK.

This Art print has the GPS coordinate 22° 16' 33.1788'' N114° 8' 43.9152'' E which is the coordinate for Victoria Peak. We invite you to copy & paste this coordinate to google maps and switch to street view. 

Want to customise this Art Print? 
For an additional fee, we can change the GPS coordinate to your choosing, whether it be your current home, the Star ferry, your office or just a special place in this urban jungle we call home. 

Art Print HKD 320
Customised Art Print HKD 370

*The above Art print is 11 X 15 inches, inkjet printed on thick watercolour paper. Should you wish for a larger print, kindly contact us to find out more information. ( Now available in A3 size )

*The above prices are only applicable to shipping in Hong Kong, for international orders please contact us for the shipping rates.  Ships within 1 week.

We accept Paypal, PayMe or Bank transfers.

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Customise your Art print?
Customise this Art print with your own GPS coordinates for an additional HKD 50.

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